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Stress-Reduction Sessions

Every emotional and physical problem is linked to stress in some form. In modern life we are often so overwhelmed by events, demands and problems that our bodies remain permanently in “Stress” mode. This is exhausting and certainly not a healthy state and it will eventually lead to serious physical consequences. We need to turn the Stress response off!

What would your life be like if you could find ways to reduce the stress that seems to be part of everyday life?

Happier? More relaxed? Calmer? Coping better? More fun? Less weight? More wealth?

We offer:

One to one Sessions:
60 to 90 minutes.
See Pricing Information for cost details

These sessions are tailored for the individual and may include any of these techniques: EFT, PTT, Balance work, breath control exercises, basic life coaching skills, reiki or reflexology as required.

Interested? Can you afford not to be?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or book an appointment.

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