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EFT Level 3 - Training to Advanced Practitioner Level

Course Duration: From January 2016 this course will be run over 3 days (19.5 hours contact time)

aamet_logo_smallThis Level 3 training course is fully compliant with the requirements for Level 3 training which have been established by AAMET, The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.

It is designed to increase the range of EFT approaches available, promote a deeper level of understanding of the roots and origins of issues, develop awareness of the effects of belief systems and behavioural patterns, develop the art of delivery of EFT and also explore the connotations of healing of issues for personal and spiritual development.

a_PhilipChris2 Training with Phoenix EFT:     

  • All of our training is done in a relaxed environment in small groups of 4-8 students. 
  • Each student is given as much support and one to one attention as they require at each stage of training. This gives a more satisfying and complete experience for our students than working in larger groups can offer.
  • We offer full email and telephone back up and support to all of our students at all levels of training and experience. Students are never left feeling isolated and alone after training.
  • We offer regular opportunities to expand knowledge and practical expertise through our Practice and Mentoring days and CPD courses.
  • Therapeutic support is also offered at a reduced rate to any of our students who may need professional help to clear some of their problems before moving on. This is a superb opportunity to be on the receiving end of professional level EFT which can greatly enhance understanding of the scope and power of the technique.

Entry requirements for EFT Level 3 training:

Satisfactory completion of an AAMET Approved Level 2 training course and post course assessments plus at least one year`s experience working at level 2 with a range of clients.

We are happy to accept students who have previously trained with other trainers but if we are in doubt of your level of understanding we will contact you to have a chat about what you already understand and to determine whether you need to take Level 2 before beginning Level 3.

Course Duration: From January 2016 - 3 days (19.5 hours contact time)

Course include refreshments and attendance certificate.
Students who have completed the Level 3 course may repeat the course for a reduced fee provided there is space available. 


Post Course Activities to gain AAMET Advanced EFT Practitioner Certification:.

  • onlineOnline Multiple Choice Theory test-open book format. The aim of this is not to discover how good your memory is but to find out how much you have assimilated and understood of the material presented at levels 2 and 3. 

  • Case Study assessment-at least 4 studies must be successfully presented to demonstrate skill at applying EFT safely and appropriately in practice for a variety of conditions.
    Marking fee for Assessments: 
    See Pricing Information for cost details
    (Paid once only at the time of submission of the case studies. Covers extensive feedback on the work submitted plus marking of retakes and further case studies as necessary).
  • The course attendancegives you a minimum of 6 hours supervision/mentoring with the Trainer. We offer 6 hours group supervision in person. Online supervision sessions are also available.
  • Award of Advanced EFT Practitioner Certificate-when all of the above have been completed.

Following the award of Advanced EFT Practitioner certification students are eligible to register with AAMET at Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner level.
If they choose to do so they are then required to comply with the AAMET Code of Ethics and conditions for Supervision/Mentoring and CPD to maintain registration.

Note that Phoenix EFT offers regular mentoring days and CPD level courses to aid Practitioner development.

Syllabus for Level 3 Training:

  • Introductions/Welcome/Course Structure
  • Review of Level 1 and 2 topics, recapping where necessary
  • Student-student interactive practical sessions where you can practice new techniques on each other and then share results and insights with the group
  • Q/A sessions
  • Borrowing Benefits Demonstrations/Group work
  • Discussion of difficult cases
  • A Model of client’s issues -Origins and Evolution
  • Personal Awareness and Safety -how can client’s issues and reactions affect the practitioner? How can we avoid this happening?
  • Introduction to Psychological Disorders –overview and appropriate referral procedures
  • More on Calibration and Rapport Skills –Eye movements, body language, marching, pacing and leading, Metaprograms, Personality Types, VAK modes, Use of Voice and Language
  • Brainwaves and Altered states of consciousness
  • Ongoing Development of Intuitive Skills
  • New Approaches to issues –Introduction to the Cutting Edge Applications of EFT
  • Protective Distancing Techniques
  • Working with Parts/Inner Children/Sub-Personalities and Shadows
  • More on getting past PR
  • More on Uncovering and working with Core/Limiting Beliefs
  • More on Choices
  • More on Reframes - Healing by shifting the viewpoint
  • Unlocking Repressed Emotions and “forgotten” issues
  • Dealing with strong emotional responses including release of Anger
  • The Emotional Scale in therapy practice
  • The place of Love and Forgiveness in healing
  • Introduction to working with Serious Diseases
  • More on working with Trauma
  • More on Surrogate Work
  • Introduction to working with Substance reactions and intolerances
  • Introduction to Peak Performance and success work
  • Progressive self-clearance work
  • Creation of new applications of EFT
  • Legal Considerations –Current applications of law to complementary therapy practice
  • Explanation of AAMET CPD and mentoring requirements
  • Information on Mentoring days

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